May Event Spotlight: IAPP Canada, GDPR – DPIA & Data Breach Requirements Webinar & #CyberAware On Your Summer Travel Twitter Chat 

UN Global Pulse and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Present: Building a Strong Privacy and Data Ethics Program – From Theory to Practice
May 4
New York
The meeting will focus on how to implement privacy and data ethics in international organizations, and on how to access public-private sector data for use in humanitarian and development contexts.
Four topics will be discussed during the day by experts from UN, public and private sector, namely:

  1. Privacy on the Ground: Managing Personal Data in Organizations;
  2. Ethics and a Rights Based Approach to Data: From Principles to Institutions;
  3. Privacy and Data Protection Frameworks: The Regulatory and Policy-making Perspective;
  4. Access to Data for Public Good: Mechanisms and Schemes for Sharing Data for Humanitarian and Development Causes.

TRUSTe’s Hilary Wandall will be presenting on “Privacy on the Ground: Managing Personal Data and Privacy Risks in Organizations”.
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IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2017
May 17-18
Toronto, Canada
With so many critical privacy issues facing you this year and so much uncertainty on the international horizon, Symposium could not be happening at a better time.
Stop by TRUSTe booth #9 to say hi and learn about TRUSTe’s GDPR Implementation Solution.
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GDPR: DPIA & Data Breach Requirements – Assessing Individual Harm
May 23 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am PST
Online Webinar
Through this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is required when and if a data breach occurs
  • Requirements for conducting DPIAs
  • Best practices for creating DPIA templates
  • How to create sustainable DPIA processes

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#ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Online Safety on the Go – Be #CyberAware On Your Summer Travel
May 25 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Online Twitter Chat
With warm weather and a holiday weekend right around the corner, you may be thinking about a summer getaway. Whether you’re planning a family trip, attending an out-of-town wedding or taking an exotic getaway, you’re likely to use your connected devices for pre-travel planning, while you’re on the road and when you return. It’s important to keep cybersecurity and privacy in mind while navigating your summer travel plans. Join @STOPTHNKCONNECT for a Twitter chat that will discuss steps you can take to protect yourself, your devices and your information and enjoy a safe, stress-free summer escape.


Guests: CSID (@CSIdentity); Dashlane (@dashlane); Family Online Safety Institute (@FOSI); Generali Global Assistance North America (@GGA_NA); Get Cyber Safe (@GetCyberSafe); Herjavec Group (@herjavecgroup); Higher Education Information Security Council (@HEISCouncil); Hueya (@hueyainc); iKeepSafe (@iKeepSafe); LastPass (@LastPass); Secure Ideas (@secureideas); Security Awareness Company (@SecAwareCo); Sticky Password (@stickypassword); TRUSTe (@TRUSTe); National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline), additional guests TBD
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DON’T FORGET: Register for the upcoming Privacy Risk Summit! Seats are limited. Visit the event page for more information.

NEW! Summer/Fall Privacy Insight Webinar Series

Blog_gen_H2-2016-v1As the privacy landscape gets increasingly complicated, you need constant access to key insights to stay on top.

The Summer / Fall schedule for the Privacy Insight Series is a set of six live webinars featuring renowned speakers, and cutting edge research, tips, and tools. This program will continue to provide the perfect opportunity to gain insights from leading privacy practitioners on the key trends impacting data privacy management in 2016 and beyond.

Each event is free to attend and will feature informative discussions, case studies and practical solutions to today’s tough privacy challenges.

Check out the Summer / Fall schedule below:

July 21                                                         

Validating Vendor Assessments: Preparing for Privacy Shield

With many global companies working with thousands of vendors to process HR and customer data, this webinar will tackle important questions such as:

  • How can they take a prioritized approach to risk management?
  • What are current best practices?
  • How can they ensure compliance with Privacy Shield within the projected timelines?

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August 18

Brazil & Beyond: Privacy Trends in Latin America

Latin America is comprised of a multiplicity of languages, cultures and privacy laws. Given the absence of any omnibus regional law or EU-like set of directives, companies must assess their business models and data monetization strategies in the context of each country’s framework. Join this webinar to get:

  • A comprehensive approach of the evolution and general principles inside the different LATAM privacy regulations for both customer and employee data
  • A focus on consent, duty of information, habeas data and the right to be forgotten as applied in the region

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September 22

Changing Role of the CPO in todays Privacy Ecosystem

The Chief Privacy Officer is now center stage with responsibility for driving an important strategic agenda within the enterprise. Recent IAPP research claimed there would need to be 28,000 more Data Protection Officers in Europe to meet the new GDPR requirements. Join this webinar to get insight into changing role of the CPO by examining questions such as:

  • What will this new role look like?
  • How will these new requirements impact the qualities, experience and responsibilities of the CPO within the enterprise?
  • What do you need to do to make sure you’re ready to be a CPO in the new privacy landscape?


October 20

Building a Privacy Governance Program

The proliferation of networked devices is bringing tremendous opportunity to business and consumers alike. Many organizations are struggling with where to start with securing their enterprise — so some don’t, or worse yet, take expensive action that has little impact. Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Put security and privacy into the context of your operations – despite their natural tensions
  • Integrate them into an effective data protection program focused on trust, transparency and accountability
  • Examine case studies from two companies from very diverse sectors


November 17

DPIAs, PIAs, Understanding new EU Guidance on ‘Risky Processing’

Whether you call them Data Protection Impact Assessments or just PIAs, they are an indispensable way to gauge the potential impact of projects, systems, programs, products or services on the data an organization holds. Having a good understanding of what DPIA/PIAs are, how to implement them and who needs to be involved can be the key to embedding privacy in the heart of your organization. And of course they are now a requirement for certain types of processing under the GDPR. Join this webinar to:

  • Review PIA best practices
  • Review latest compliance guidance from the EU regulators
  • Provide a range of tips and tools to help streamline and embed the process in your organization


December 8

Metrics for Success: Quantifying the Value of the Privacy Function

As we look towards 2017 and the future of the privacy profession being able to better quantify, risk, level of effort, value to the organization will be essential to privacy’s ongoing upward trajectory. Join this webinar to:

  • Review current best practices
  • Provide takeaways and new years’ resolutions for when you’re back at your desk