Serious Privacy Podcast: In the Zone – the Privacy Zone: Newest Developments in Privacy

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This past week in privacy law saw several unexpected developments. When this podcast started back in January, the intention was to record a series of conversations between K Royal and Paul Breitbarth with an occasional guest or recorded conference panel discussion. They would discuss what had happened in a week, place privacy and data protection developments around the world in context and provide insights based on their experience… And then COVID-19 happened, the podcast quickly became popular and guests became ubiquitous.

On this episode, Paul and K return to their roots of covering privacy news and developments, because so much happened recently. We’re in the middle of a privacy zone, with laws being lobbed all round us, guidance coming at us from all directions, and opinions shooting left and right – it’s like privacy officers need hazard pay. Listen to this episode on our website or stream the episode below.

Serious Privacy Podcast – Wildly Successful: An Unexpected Career in Privacy

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Describe your perfect privacy career. Do the words “vibrant,” “brilliant,” and “high energy” come to mind?  Back when we still had privacy conferences and trade shows, you could sometimes meet someone that was so vibrant, so enthusiastic and so interesting, they would make the whole event. Emerald de Leeuw, Privacy Lead in EMEA for Logitech is that kind of person. She is a fellow Dutchie to Paul and calls Ireland her home. She is an entrepreneur with a brilliant privacy mind, but allegedly also serves up a mean cocktail.

We speak about building out a career in privacy, being underestimated and staying sane while working hard. We also talk about the challenges that a woman in privacy and tech faces, whether at the beginning of her career, or even when she is established and successful. Being underestimated is just one of those challenges. Emerald also opens up about her career champions and the importance of being authentic as a professional. Listen to this week’s episode on our website or stream the episode below.

Serious Privacy Podcast: Returning to Work

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What do you get when a European and an American discuss concerns about returning to work after the recent quarantines? This week on the Serious Privacy podcast, co-hosts Paul Breitbarth and K Royal give listeners an inside view on what privacy professionals are thinking about. After two months, the worst of the Corona Crisis in many countries seems to be behind us. Slowly, countries and states are opening up, releasing roadmaps on relaxing their quarantine measures and taking steps to allow people to go back to work. Nevertheless, for the time being, it seems “continue to work from home where possible” will remain the best practice around the world. But whenever employees return to the office on a regular basis, it is already clear companies will need to prepare. The new normal of the six-feet-society and social distancing will cause a challenge in itself to be accommodated in offices, but there is also a lot to consider from a privacy and data protection perspective.  Listen to this week’s episode on your favorite podcast platform or stream the episode below.

Serious Privacy Podcast – A Walkin’, Talkin’ EU Rep: An Open Conversation

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What is a representative under GDPR?  Why do I need one? What do they actually do? Are these questions familiar to you? Does it sound like we are reading your mind? Then join us for this exciting unscripted conversation with Tim Bell, Managing Director of the DPR group – a walking, talking, EU representative.

If a data controller or processor does not have an establishment in any of the member states of the European Union, they have to appoint a representative. This is stipulated by article 27 GDPR. But does this really happen? The EU Member States seem to have concerns. In their evaluation report of the GDPR, they say it is uncertain to what extent controllers and processors from third countries have complied with the Representation obligation. 

Apparently, there are cases where a representative has not been designated. Reason enough to dive a bit deeper into this topic and discuss the role of the representative and how to appoint one.  In this podcast, we address a variety of topics such as the complexities of current EU representatives established in the United Kingdom and what that means for companies who will need a UK representative in the EU or vice versa. Listen on your favorite podcast platform or stream the episode below. 

Serious Privacy Podcast – Privacy on the Front Lines: A View from LA

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While the US reports 22 million new people unemployed in four weeks, parts of Europe are slowly opening up again after the peak of the Corona-virus seems to have been reached. That doesn’t mean however the end of mandatory working from home is already in sight. From a privacy perspective, the discussion now also seems to have turned to mobile apps that could possibly be used to contain the spread of COVID-19. This has even caused Apple and Google to cooperate, to build in new functionality into their operation systems to assist contact monitoring. But obviously lots of data still is required, which requires proper protections to be put in place. This is one of the many topics we discussed with Lillian Russell, Chief Privacy Officer for the County of Los Angeles. 

As someone who manages privacy in one of the largest metropolitan areas (third largest economy in the world) and who crosses every area of privacy in existence, Lilly brings an experienced and insightful voice to our current events. During this frank and unscripted conversation, we touched on a variety of hard topics, such as the challenges in a multigenerational workforce who is suddenly cast into an unfamiliar work environment.  We were curious how people are managing those “water cooler conversations” that are so important to relationships and informal problem-solving.

We also learned from Lilly her favorite privacy control and why. Of course, “favorite” depends on the circumstances – she is a lawyer. In discussing the rapid evolution of data collection and use we are experiencing, Lilly pondered “Is this redefining privacy in a way we did not anticipate?” We think so. Privacy is certainly more top of mind for the general public than we have typically seen. Listen on your favorite podcast platform or stream the episode below.