TrustArc Privacy Profile Simplifies Cross-Regulation Compliance for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and Other Global Privacy and Security Regulations

Regulatory compliance has become more complex than ever. The requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have created exasperation for information security leaders and bewilderment for privacy managers all over the world. Those responsible for regulatory compliance often struggle to identify how their business is subjected to risk and applicable laws. Privacy leaders need the ability to review business operations against all applicable laws, regulations, and frameworks in order to streamline compliance and maturity, and take action to address regulatory requirements.

Privacy Profile, powered by the Intelligence Engine within the TrustArc Platform, simplifies privacy management through an intelligent, easy-to-use interface by providing actionable compliance guidance based on an automated review of key company information, including the location of customers and employees along with other relevant business details. The Platform can manage a broad range of privacy management needs, including data inventory / mapping, risk assessments (PIA, DPIA, vendor), tracker monitoring, cookie / marketing consent, individual rights / DSARs and much more.

Privacy Profile capabilities include:

  • Automated analysis of applicable laws and regulations based on a proprietary Applicability Algorithm
  • Summary report of applicable laws and seamless integration with TrustArc Assessment Manager to initiate privacy assessments
  • Ongoing compliance analysis and updates as new laws are introduced and added into the system

Best of all, users are provided with a Privacy Priorities Report and a Custom Privacy Compliance Plan to understand more about all applicable laws and take immediate next steps toward assessment, gap analysis, and remediation. Say “Good Bye” to the confusing task of identifying applicable laws. And say, “Hello” to TrustArc’s Privacy Profile.

Learn more about the TrustArc Privacy Profile.

TrustArc Announces New Privacy Platform Enhancements

New Privacy Platform Enhancements

TrustArc has announced several exciting enhancements to our Privacy Platform! These new capabilities will help companies better manage their privacy programs.

The Privacy Platform helps provide end to end privacy management through a series of modules designed to address a wide range of privacy functions, including data inventory and mapping; privacy risk assessments; consent management; and individual rights and data subject rights requests.

The new privacy assessments include:

  •        Inherent Risk
  •        DPIA Controls
  •        Consent
  •        Legitimate Interests
  •        Right to Object
  •        Third Party Risk
  •        International Data Transfer
  •        Automated Decision Making

These new assessments feature a revolutionary modular design that intelligently matches the assessments to the unique requirements of a business in real time, significantly reducing the amount of time required to complete the compliance review process. Developed by TrustArc privacy experts in conjunction with input from leading privacy organizations, the assessments include remediation guidance to address any identified gaps.

Along with these assessments, the Assessment Manager module of the platform now includes a comprehensive, highly visual GDPR Article 35 DPIA report that contains:

  •        Risk heat map
  •        Controls effectiveness score
  •        Inherent risk
  •        Residual risk
  •        Summary of processing purposes and data types

The report is intelligently calculated, assembled from various data sources, and exportable into a PDF format, which can be easily shared with internal stakeholders and regulators.

To see these new enhancements and learn how they can help your company manage privacy compliance, click here.