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TrustArc Celebrates Data Privacy Day

TrustArc Celebrates Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day, if you are based in Europe) is upon us! Every year on January 28th, we take this time to create awareness about the importance of data privacy, keeping data safe and enabling trust. We take being a Data Privacy Day Champion...
Webinar Recap – 2020 Global Privacy Survey: Emerging Trends, Benchmarking Research and Best Practices

Webinar Recap – CCPA: Countdown to Enforcement

As part of the TrustArc Privacy Insight Series, TrustArc Senior Privacy Consultant Beth Sipula, TrustArc Privacy Counsel Edward Hu, and TrustArc Director Privacy Intelligence Development Joanne Furtsch presented the webinar “CCPA: Countdown to Enforcement” last week....