LEGO is now the #2 toy manufacturer in the world, according to an article in The Economist last week. This is hardly a surprise given the extent of our love affair with the plastic colored bricks. According to LEGO every person on earth owns 86 LEGO bricks and by 2017 LEGO men are expected to outnumber humans. “The LEGO Movie” took $70m at the US box-office over its first weekend.


It is a phenomenal growth story as LEGO has successfully responded to the rise of mobile apps, gaming consoles and on-demand TV by embracing the new media, diversifying into television, video games and, now, film.


But LEGO’s innovation doesn’t stop there. As a business they wanted to demonstrate their commitment to respecting kids information online and follow privacy best practices when marketing to kids. We’re delighted that LEGO are a partner and a client and look forward to working with them to build trust with customers of all ages as they continue to go from strength to strength.


The TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Certification program allows businesses to easily demonstrate the child-friendly nature of their website or app while ensuring compliance with the COPPA Rule and alleviating parental concerns over the safety of their children’s information. Since we were first approved in 2001, TRUSTe has become the largest FTC-approved certification provider working with some of the largest global brands.


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