Reduce the amount of time spent looking for personally identifiable information (PII) of customers, employees and partners. Individuals have the right to request personal data collected on them. This solution enables companies to take the first step to address GDPR and CCPA compliance by automating the discovery of personal and sensitive data retained across the company to expedite creating a data inventory and data flow maps.


Discovery and Classification

Uncover personally identifiable information from traditional data stores, cloud, data lakes, and streaming data.


Find personal and sensitive data by analyzing values across fields and metadata.

Individual Rights Manager
Individual Rights Manager Screenshot
Data Inventory Hub
Data Inventory Hub Dashboard


Automation: Fulfill data subject access requests (DSARs) within required timelines by automating the process of locating personal data.

Visualization: Build a comprehensive data inventory and data flow maps to operationalize the process of mapping customer information and employee business processes.

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