Data Inventory Hub

Take control of creating and managing your data inventory and data flow maps to support compliance with privacy requirements.



Data Inventory Hub is a privacy data inventory and mapping system which supports building and managing a data inventory, business processes, data flow maps and compliance reporting.

The Hub allows companies to automatically generate data flow maps that visually show where employee and customer data reside in the company’s systems and how that data moves through the business ecosystem. Additionally, the solution integrates with the TrustArc Intelligence Engine, which automatically analyzes privacy risk.

TrustArc Data Inventory Hub


Data Inventory: Create detailed and comprehensive inventory of IT systems, third parties (vendors) and company affiliates relevant to data flows and potential risks across your organization

Automated Data Flow Mapping: Automatically generate data flow maps from the data inventory that visually show where employee and customer data resides in company systems and how data moves through the business ecosystem

Audit Trail: Complete and dynamic audit trail including date, time and changes made to the inventory

Dashboard: Customizable dashboard includes privacy compliance KPIs, regulatory news and insights feed and the ability to monitor risk and vendor status

Reporting: Create compliance reports, including GDPR Article 30 records of processing activities and CCPA ‘look back’ requirement documentation

Flexible Data Input: Import existing metadata into data inventory to save time and increase accuracy

Collaboration Support: Facilitate collaboration with teams across the company ensuring that cross-departmental knowledge is incorporated

Integration with external systems via open APIs for task management, data discovery and other key functions

Risk Assessments: Integration with TrustArc Intelligence Engine and Assessment Manager to automate risk analysis and assessment management for DPIAs, PIAs, vendor risk and other compliance needs

Data Inventory shows a detailed list of the IT systems, third parties and company affiliates that data resides within and flows through

Data Inventory Hub

Data flow map visually shows where data resides and how it moves through an organization and its ecosystem

Data Flow Map


Reduce Risk: Supports compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks (e.g., CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, etc.)

Save Time, Increase Efficiency: Easily build inventory using streamlined workflow and metadata import options; automatically generate data flow maps

Flexible Growth: Flexibility to start with a single business unit and expand deployment as business needs and regulatory requirements change over time




Data Inventory and Mapping to Support Compliance and Risk Management

Learn how to automate your data inventory process with TrustArc Data Inventory Hub.