Automate Data Subject Request Lifecycle

Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and LGPD mandate that organizations must be able to provide, on request, personal information collected on customers. As consumers continue to exercise their rights, responding to requests can be complicated and time-consuming for businesses.  

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager enables organizations to fulfill data subject requests at scale. With the ability to configure automated workflows, combined with our unique privacy intelligence solution, organizations can dynamically assess requests and securely deliver accurate responses to customers, all within the required regulatory timeline.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager Desktop

Website TrackingCustomize The Privacy Experience

Create an on-brand privacy experience through customizable intake forms, landing pages, and email templates

Branded ExperienceStreamline Verification Process

Configure identity verification workflows by leveraging our suite of validation approaches and integrated partner solutions

Global RegulationsTailor Workflows To Meet Every Need

Address business and regulatory requirements by customizing automated workflows to streamline end-to-end request fulfillment

Demonstrate ComplianceConfidently Maintain Global Compliance

Receive contextualized up-to-date regulatory guidance to ensure workflows are always aligned with the latest privacy regulations


Fully Automate Data Subject Request Fulfillment

Leverage our integrated partner solutions to automate the processing and fulfillment of consumer rights requests.

 TrustArc Data Inventory Hub
BigID Data Discovery
Evident Identity Verification
Idology Identity Verification

Simplify Your DSAR Process With Our Configurable Consumer Rights Solution

Centralized solution: Collaborate across teams and external vendors to efficiently fulfill tasks, all in one portal.

Bespoke set up: Customize templated workflows to meet any business and regulatory requirements including GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

Automated workflows: Configure and automate assignees and tasks to streamline requests fulfillment.

Multi-language support: Supports over 65 languages for intake form, email, and landing page templates.

Detailed reporting and dashboard: Generate compliance-ready reports and access metrics to understand trends and efficiency of your workflows.

Dedicated customer success manager: Receive full implementation guidance and customization support to ensure TrustArc IRM solution is fully operationalized and aligned to your business needs.

TrustArc Data Subject Request Management Portal
See how TrustArc Individual Rights Manager can help you efficiently manage, review, and fulfill requests

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TrustArc DSAR Testimonial



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