Resolving Privacy Disputes

How Does Dispute Resolution Work?

If a TRUSTe-certified website that you’ve visited has:

  • Shared your personal information
  • Disallowed you to unsubscribe from its email lists
  • Sent you SPAM
  • Made it impossible to close your website account
  • Made itself unavailable for you to contact about the matter

…we can help. File a complaint today. TRUSTe resolves every one of the thousands of complaints that we receive yearly through the TRUSTe Dispute Resolution process. Filing a complaint is completely free for consumers.

If you think that a TRUSTe client has violated its privacy agreement with you, we make sure there’s something you can do about it. TRUSTe will investigate the complaint and mediate a solution through our Dispute Resolution Program.

How to file a complaint

  1. Confirm that the website in question is a valid TRUSTe client either by locating the TRUSTe seal on the privacy statement or by finding it in our directory of Trusted Sites.
  2. Verify that the complaint is a legitimate privacy matter relating to the website.
  3. Contact the TRUSTe client Website first.
  4. If the TRUSTe client does not resolve your complaint quickly and satisfactorily, complete the Dispute Resolution Form.

The TRUSTe Dispute Resolution Team does everything it can to ensure that our member websites protect the privacy of your personal information. But we also rely on your vigilance to keep members accountable.

File a Complaint

TRUSTe can help resolve your privacy dispute with any of our clients.

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