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Serious Privacy Podcast

The Business Side of Privacy: Money, Mergers, and Mandates

Personal data can often be a complicated side to critical business activities, such as mergers and acquisitions and bankruptcy. Since the beginning of the year, the world has been dealing with a global health crisis. But unfortunately, that is not the only crisis the world will be dealing with this year – by now it is clear our economy will take a serious hit as well. Companies will go under, or else may become targets for mergers and acquisitions while in a weakened state. That also may have an impact on the data holdings of organisations. Can sets of customer, employee and third-party data just be handed over from one company to the other, or sold to the highest bidder to return some money to investors?  These highly impactful business activities, that are often executed rapidly, are not the times to overlook critical data allowances and restrictions.

In this episode, we put these tough issues to Constantine Karbaliotis, a privacy veteran who has managed these issues for companies. Join us as we discuss how companies can prepare for and manage privacy issues in M&A and bankruptcy. We also took the opportunity to ask him for a Canadian’s perspective on the new CCPA regulations that have been filed with the California Office of Administrative Law.