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Serious Privacy Podcast

Unfiltered: An Englishman’s Information Ideals

What do you get when you put an Englishman in charge of information privacy? A lot of experience, ideas, and expertise when it is Ralph O’Brien.  With all the news on the Coronavirus, one could almost forget there are still Brexit negotiations taking place. There is still a question whether the United Kingdom can obtain an adequacy decision from the European Union. Is the UK data protection legislation enough to offer an “essentially equivalent” level of data protection? What are the British views on using and protecting personal data? What about national surveillance? And how does this all tie in to the life and work of a privacy consultant. That and more will be addressed in this episode with Ralph, a highly respected privacy professional located in the United Kingdom.

We talked with Ralph to get his impressions on a variety of topics in privacy law, specifically from the UK perspective. The conversation takes us from how Ralph first entered privacy and the considerations and areas of focus at that time to how privacy has evolved. As we can imagine, the world of privacy including Brexit issues, has dramatically changed and not all changes are necessarily good. Join us as Ralph shares his thoughts on data privacy, technology, the privacy profession, and Brexit – including what caused him to “go ballistic” on Twitter.