Serious Privacy Podcast

Up Close and Personal: Paul’s Favourite Privacy Topic

Welcome to our 21st episode of Serious Privacy. There is no better way to celebrate 21 than to return to our basics and have a kitchen table conversation with our own Paul Breitbarth. This week, Paul will discuss his favorite privacy topic. We limited it to one topic – will he go for two topics? Does he have one overwhelming favorite issue in privacy?  With Paul’s background with the data protection authorities, he has more of a legal scholarly slant – so this should be a very interesting treasure hunt to find out what resonates most with him.

Paul’s favorite topic incorporates elements of politics, fundamental rights of individuals, legal discourse, and the international relationship among countries. In this episode, we cover counterterrorism and whistleblowers – body cams and cell phones. All of these center into one overarching topic that is fascinating and controversial, but also necessary in modern life. Join K and Paul in this episode of Serious Privacy to discover Paul’s favorite privacy topic and in-depth discussion about the issues inherent in that topic.