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Platform: Navigation and Dashboard

How to navigate the TrustArc platform. In this video we will cover the basics of navigating the TrustArc platform. The Dashboard landing page; the Navigation pane; and useful resources such as; the User guide and Help button.

Platform: Manage Users and Permissions

Overview of user management (add/remove users/reset password/user activity log). Adding a logo to your account. Quick overview of setting permissions and where to find in the user guide.

TrustArc PrivacyCentral

About PrivacyCentral, My Company Info, Accountability Mechanisms and Summary Page

What is PrivacyCentral, prerequisites such as completing MCI, assigning respondent types, accountability mechanisms, summary page, laws by insight and answering questions.

PrivacyCentral Policy & Standards Library, Accountability Page, Reviewer View and Tasks

Overview of PrivacyCentral’s Policy & Standards Library, accountability page, reviewer view and tasks.

Data Inventory Hub

Data Inventory

Navigate and complete records in the data inventory, primary company entity, affiliates, third parties, systems, filters, configure columns, etc.

Business Processes

Instructions on creating a business process.

Individual Rights Manager

Supporting Multiple Jurisdictions

Create, Edit, and Publish Intake Forms

Dynamic Intake Form


Labels Feature

Data Inventory Hub Integration

Cookie Consent Manager

Setup and Scan

Customize Design

Categorize Cookies

Configure Behaviour

Publishing and Implementing Script

Generate a Report

Assessment Manager

Generating an Assessment

Create assessment page, overview (template and description), assessment roles (managers, respondents, system vs non system users, etc.), record to assess, advanced settings touch on and refer to another video, review page, publish and options.
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Review Workflow

Assessment transition states, review (survey incomplete state), survey page, green vs orange (compliant vs non compliant), risk flags (manual vs automated), remediation and approval activities, action plan, tasks vs compliance issues, conditions of approvals (issues can be accepted with exception), tasks can be left open and this will trigger approved with pending remediations.
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Completing an Assessment

Responding to the assessment; prologue, questions, more info, about this section, comments, attachments, collaboration feature (already in a Did You Know? video), conditional logic (explain that some questions may appear as a result of answering another question, answering in sequence, epilogue and submit, email notifications as part of the lifecycle.
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All Assessments Page
Assessments page, charts, filters, views, display/configure page options, advanced search, assessment view and roles.

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TrustArc PrivacyCentral

Attestor 2.0 Onboarding

Planner & Benchmarks

Planner: Getting Started

Overview of the Planner dashboard, privacy management categories and activities, manager tab, report generator, and GDPR add-on.

Benchmarks: Getting Started

Overview of the Benchmarks status dashboard, privacy management categories and activities, report generator, and organizational benchmark comparison.

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