The Haymarket Media Group has chosen TrustArc’s comprehensive range of data privacy management solutions to ensure compliance, build consumer trust, and demonstrate accountability and privacy best practices to the many millions of users who visit their websites each day.

Haymarket joins other leading international media companies such as The New York Times, Forbes, IDG, Econsultancy, and Guardian News & Media, who have also chosen TrustArc’s data privacy solutions for their business.

Leading international publishers are at the forefront of managing consumer data within their business and own some of the most visited and tracked websites in the world.

At TrustArc, we have worked closely with our publishing clients to ensure that we have used our privacy expertise to develop a range of products and solutions which best meet this sector’s privacy needs.

We will initially partner with Haymarket to ensure privacy best practices on their top ten UK consumer and B2B websites, including Pistonheads, What Car?, and Brand Republic. This will include conducting comprehensive audits of the tracking activities on these websites and using the TrustArc Consent Manager to give users control over the cookies on each site to ensure compliance with the EU Cookie Directive.

We are also certifying the privacy practices on Haymarket’s top ten websites. Once certified, these websites can display the green TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal, which independent research has shown to be the number one privacy Trustmark in the UK with 50% consumer awareness.

In 2013 the program will be rolled out, and we will audit and certify a further 200 of the Haymarket Media Group’s websites.

Debbie Prewett, Data Group Manager for the Haymarket Media Group said:

“After detailed consideration, we believe that TrustArc is the only company to have the privacy expertise, consumer brand, and comprehensive range of products to meet our customer and compliance needs. We see this as the start of an important partnership to ensure that protecting our users’ privacy is at the heart of our systems and processes. Visitors will be able to see this commitment through the TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal, which will be displayed on our websites as we complete the certification program.”