8 Strategies for Marketers in a Consumer First Privacy Landscape

Marketer's life after third party cookies

Tracking and targeting have become mainstays in the digital playbook. But they will soon get much more difficult. As the end of third-party cookies nears and more consumers demand to know how their data is used, foundational marketing tactics will make a comeback. While some marketers are dreading the day, you can be ready with strategies that balance using data with respecting consumer privacy.

Key takeaways include:

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Why is the absence of third-party cookies a good thing for both marketers and consumers?

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How can you effectively use the data you collect with consent?

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What tactics can marketers use to create personalized campaigns and meaningful relationships with consumers?

The end of third-party cookies doesn’t mean the end of personalization

Giving consumers more control over their data results in a relevant customer experience and a more personalized brand-to-customer relationship. Organizations should see privacy less as a barrier and more as an upside for its trust-earning potential.

“Data collection or targeted marketing
practices that lack clarity and transparency
are often a red flag for consumers.”


“Data collection or targeted marketing practices that lack clarity and transparency are often a red flag for consumers.”


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