TRUSTe Privacy App

The TRUSTe App is an easy to use advertising privacy app that provides an innovative way for consumers to control the ads they want to see. Research shows that consumers don’t like targeted advertising and yet in field tests, 9 out of 10 chose not to opt out and to share their interests directly with advertisers in exchange for more relevant ads.

Now, consumers can manage ad privacy preferences and most important, tell advertisers the type of ads they want to see all from a simple user-friendly app.


  • Consumers can choose to update their advertising privacy preferences from the app in addition to directly from an advertisement
  • Consumers can manage, update, and share their preferences and interests in a single place
  • Consumers can choose whether to opt-out and back into targeted ads and tell advertisers the type of ads they want to see

The TRUSTe App is available to download for FREE from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is also available for Android smartphone and tablets at Google Play

After downloading from the app store you can view a dashboard of interests and preferences

Manage advertising opt-outs

Share what ads you want to see