TrustArc Powers Privacy Across the Globe


For privacy leaders, the TrustArc Platform automates and manages all of your privacy compliance processes and allows you to understand your risks and opportunities, prioritize your actions, act quickly and measure results across the business.

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform Desktop

TrustArc helps you answer these key questions when it comes to privacy:

  • What do we need to do to become compliant?
  • How do we handle compliance if we have offices in more than one location?
  • What laws apply to my organization?
  • What tools should my company be looking at to become compliant?
  • If we have a website do we need cookie compliance?
  • How can I trust that our company is compliant?

Simplify Privacy Compliance and Risk Management with the TrustArc Platform

The TrustArc Platform provides a flexible, secure, scalable solution to manage and demonstrate privacy compliance.

  • Designed by privacy experts based on 20+ years of global privacy management experience.
  • Supports a wide range of use cases, including GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, HIPAA, LGPD.
  • Flexible, modular design – select the modules you need, expand at any time.
  • Used by clients worldwide across all industries.
  • TrustArc Customer Success Team

    Fast and easy deployment with a focus on maximizing your ROI.

    Annotation 2020-07-10 005400

    Team of experienced customer
    success managers and technical
    support reps ready to develop and
    manage an implementation plan
    tailored to your needs.

    Annotation 2020-07-10 005423

    Wide range of tools available
    to help onboard and train
    new users. Online user guide;
    training videos; regulatory

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    Intuitive user interface
    featuring wizard guided
    workflows, drag and drop UX,
    and regular usability testing
    and feedback.

    Take control of privacy with the TrustArc Privacy Platform