Privacy Risk Summit 2021
Session Videos

A New Era

A New Era of Privacy: Perspectives from Privacy Practitioners

Discussion on lessons learned and how a wild year will shape the
future of privacy.
To Penalties

To Penalties and Beyond: Looking Ahead by Looking Back on Enforcement Actions

As the landscape for privacy law expands globally, so, to, do the enforcement actions under those laws.
A New Era

International Data Flows Post Schrems-II: What to Expect and
What to Forget

Understand how to address international transfers while waiting for final guidance from the regulators and a new EU-U.S. agreement.
To Penalties

Unintended Consequences: Understanding and Embedding Data
Ethics into a Privacy Management Framework

Now is the time to reframe your view of ‘data ethics’, and how and
what to factor into your privacy management.
A New Era

Privacy 2.0: Moving from Managing Individual Regulations to
Framework Based Program

Learn about the value of using a privacy framework as the backbone
of your privacy program.
To Penalties

Privacy Law Trends: The Bold, the Old and the Folded

Insights into recent privacy legislative initiatives, looking at recent
trends and predictions for what is coming in 2021.
A New Era

CPRA Guidance: How to Leverage CCPA Requirements to Get the
Job Done Faster

Tips and tricks to leverage the work already done for CCPA to be
prepared for CPRA compliance.
To Penalties

Cross Border Data Transfers: First Class Tips for Allowing Your Data to Travel Safely

The How-To’s for leveraging available data transfer mechanisms to
remain compliant.
A New Era

The New Normal: Managing Employee Privacy for Return to Office
and Permanent Remote Workforce

Find out how employers can ensure good data protection and
governance practices for employees that are returning to work
or working from home permanently.
To Penalties

Empowering the Privacy Forward Enterprise: Maximizing Data Value
with the TrustArc Platform

TrustArc customers maximize data value by delivering deep privacy intelligence, coupled with a fully-automated platform for end-to-end privacy management.
A New Era

Client Case Study: Yamaha Corporation of America

Managing Cookie Consent at Yamaha Corporation of America
To Penalties

Client Case Study: Red Hat

Managing Risk Assessments at Red Hat
A New Era

Client Case Study: Alibaba Cloud

Implementing Cookies to Meet CCPA and GDPR Compliance at
Alibaba Cloud
To Penalties

Client Case Study: Alexion Pharmaceuticals

A Programmatic Approach to Privacy Management at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
A New Era

TrustArc Tech Demo: PrivacyCentral

Transforming Your Privacy Experience
To Penalties

TrustArc Tech Demo: Cookie Consent Manager

Operationalizing Global Cookie Compliance
A New Era

TrustArc Tech Demo: Data Inventory Hub

The Blueprint for a Great Data Inventory
To Penalties

TrustArc Tech Demo: Individual Rights Manager

Simplify DSAR Management Across Multiple Jurisdictions
A New Era

TrustArc Tech Demo: Nymity Research

Comprehensive Regulatory Research, Analysis and Insights at Your Fingertips

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