Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to make decisions that impact individuals and society as a whole. As the use of AI continues to grow, there is a need to establish guidelines and regulations.

Another busy week in privacy is recapped with information on the EU-US Data Transfer Framework, cookie banners, and binding corporate rules (BCRs).

Recent advances in information technology impact privacy by accentuating the free flow of information.

Data privacy is much more than legal compliance! Legal compliance should be the result of a successful privacy program.

In 2023, we will see more regulations not only in the law books, but coming into enforcement with regulators.

Dr. K Royal and Dr. Gary Edwards discuss fascinating privacy program metrics involving over 1400 respondents across more than 30 countries in 2023. The findings are pretty interesting. Paul Breitbarth of Catawiki is currently traveling and could not join us.

Paul attended Privacy Space in the UK and chatted with some of our favorite names in privacy and data protection: Richard Merrygold, Claire Archibald, Rowena Fielding, and Tash Whitaker.

In a survey conducted by TrustArc, we discovered the three biggest privacy challenges organizations face.

The intersection of personal data and rising technologies.

Balancing brand trust and financial technology innovation.

Cross-border data transfer restrictions can have a significant business impact. As companies continue to rely on the ability to access and share data, …

Privacy, Security, and IT have similar goals. Unfortunately, they sometimes have a conflicting relationship inside an organization.