K Royal and R. Jason Cronk discuss recent privacy events, privacy frameworks, Jason’s new podcast with the BBB, and his book with the IAPP.

Recent advances in information technology impact privacy by accentuating the free flow of information.

Emma Godfree joins K and Paul to discuss the Damar Data Protection internship and how she learns on the job.

Data privacy is much more than legal compliance! Legal compliance should be the result of a successful privacy program.

The intersection of personal data and rising technologies.

Balancing brand trust and financial technology innovation.

Philosophies about privacy, new professionals moving into privacy: what courses to take or skills to have, and how experienced professionals transition into privacy.

On January 1 2021, the UK formally and effectively left the European Union.

Rapid Digital Transformation Reveals New Vulnerabilities for Healthcare Privacy Management.

Already 2 years since the global pandemic started, and the onset of COVID-19 still is a tremendous challenge for companies.

Raising capital is necessary, and a sometimes painful task most companies endure. Positioning your company, team, and product in a way that is irresistible for investors is an art.

2021, what a year for data privacy! It went mainstream and became a fundamental concern. All over the world, there has never been more pressure from regulators.