Author Glyn Moody joins the show to discuss mass surveillance despite privacy in pursuit of copyright enforcement.

Dr. K Royal and Dr. Gary Edwards discuss fascinating privacy program metrics involving over 1400 respondents across more than 30 countries in 2023. The findings are pretty interesting. Paul Breitbarth of Catawiki is currently traveling and could not join us.

Paul and K talk about the Microsoft Digital Defense Report, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Report, the agreement between the data protection authorities of S. Korea and France, the Twitter purchase and the move to Mastodon, the Digital Services Act publication, a controversial decision out of Denmark about companies not being able to retain marketing opt-out lists, S. Korea vs. China vs. […]

Hear all about the right to be forgotten and its impact on local journalism in the latest Serious Privacy podcast episode, Pressing Matters to be Forgotten.

Curious about what the next decade will bring for data privacy and protection? Barb, Paul, and Ralph discuss.

Privacy, Security, and IT have similar goals. Unfortunately, they sometimes have a conflicting relationship inside an organization.

Years ago, it was possible to manage a privacy program using spreadsheets. Now, privacy spreadsheet management has become time-consuming, exhausting, and anything but collaborative.

Stay current on Canadian bills such as C27, the newest proposal to update PIPEDA – following up from C11, which failed to pass in the previous election year.

The last two years have provided the healthcare industry with numerous new challenges. While many healthcare providers remain in the thick of responding to COVID-19 at the delivery level, other IT, Privacy…

Answering your questions about China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL).

Prepare for the Connecticut Personal Data Privacy and Online Monitoring Act.

Through a key customer interview and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that TrustArc has the following three-year financial impact.