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Look out! The Middle East and North Africa are following in the footsteps of the US and Europe when it comes to privacy regulations. Six new data privacy laws were introduced recently, and there are more…

After a year of major change in the evolution of privacy management, companies are increasingly convinced that privacy should be a significant priority.

On 1st November 2021, the new Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) of the People’s Republic of China enters into force.

From California to Maine, the flurry of US privacy laws makes managing a privacy program increasingly complex.

With the privacy management market growing exponentially, consider a reputable provider who understands the market and can provide you with a solid, long-term solution.

2020 was a year full of twists and turns that brought a number of privacy issues to the forefront across the globe.

A Practical and Operational Structure for Complying with the World’s Privacy Requirements

OCT 13, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 36 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Events happen occasionally that reinforce each other in such a way that the sum of things is worse than you could ever have imagined: a perfect storm. You may very well say that 2020 is a perfect storm in itself. And who knows what November and […]

OCT 7, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 35 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Wicked problems are those without simple answers. They are thorny, complex, multi-faceted issues. This episode of Serious Privacy by Paul Breitbarth and K Royal was pre-billed on social media as “talking anarchy” and “Serious Privacy-ing.”  In this episode, guests include Uber CPO and frustrated comedian Ruby Zefo, Godmother of Privacy Engineering Michelle Dennedy, and TrustArc’s General […]

Staying up-to-date with the latest global cookie policy requirements can be difficult. Following the GDPR, there have been many recent updates that have modified requirements.

SEP 29, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 34 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc If 2020 was not bad enough already, we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, 2020. She was admired by many lawyers and legal scholars, not just in the United States – she was a legal giant, and a great advocate for equality for all. Paul Breitbarth and K Royal discuss […]

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