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Learn how TRUSTe Enterprise Privacy Certification can help you demonstrate privacy compliance and build trust across your global organization.

To Help Build & Plan a Privacy Program at your Organization

The Most Comprehensive Global Legal Summaries

The World’s Most Powerful Monitoring Solution that Provides Demonstrable Compliance

The First Ever Solution to Streamline Privacy Awareness Across Your Organization

The World’s Most Powerful Multi-Jurisdictional Privacy Law Comparison Solution

The Only Solution in the Market that provides Operational Templates & Resources to Assist in Building Privacy Programs & Creating Policies or Procedures Governing the Processing of Personal Data

Demonstrate How your Organizaiton’s Privacy Program is Doing

An influx of personal data collected by businesses puts businesses in a vulnerable situation. Lack of proper management of this data could result in fines if businesses are not measuring risk and establishing controls to mitigate potential risk. Furthermore, customers demand that their personal data be respected and managed with care.

Privacy is historically underfunded when it comes to company budgets, even as “data privacy” has become a popular topic.

Many mobile apps fail to disclose the collection and use of personal data. A single mobile app can have over a dozen SDKs, some of which may be unwittingly accessing private user data and sharing that information with third parties. In light of GDPR and CCPA, app publishers and other businesses that operate mobile apps can continue to expect increased […]

Regulatory compliance has become more complex than ever. The requirements of the GDPR and the CCPA have created challenges for information security leaders and privacy managers all over the world. Privacy leaders need the ability to review business operations against all applicable laws, regulations, and frameworks in order to streamline compliance and maturity, and take action to address regulatory requirements.