Serious Privacy Podcast

Tailored for people who are interested in the hottest field in a technology world. Whether you are a professional who wants to learn more about privacy and data protection or someone who just finds this fascinating, we have topics for you. In-depth information on serious privacy topics.


These podcasts, hosted by K Royal and Paul Breitbarth, will feature open, unscripted discussions with global privacy professionals (those kitchen tables or back porch conversations) where you hear the opinions and thoughts of those who are on the front lines working on the newest issues in handling personal data. Real information on your schedule - because the world needs serious privacy.

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Previous Episodes

Head to South America to see what is happening in privacy – José Alejandro Bermúdez joins to share about data protection laws in Latin America.

Philosophies about privacy, new professionals moving into privacy: what courses to take or skills to have, and how experienced professionals transition into privacy.

What is the outlook for the current proposed U.S. federal data privacy law? And a CISO goes to trial on personal liability for non-disclosure of a data breach.

All about the C’s – COPPA, code, California, Cuba, Colombia, cars, consultations, and the Sephora settlement. Also, the new age-appropriate design code bill is before the CA governor for signature & expected to pass.

An interview with Gal Ringel, CEO of Mine, about DSAR tech, individual rights requests, and personal data.

Debbie Reynolds, Gabe Gumbs, and Cameron Ivey join our hosts to combine 3 privacy podcasts for an episode!

Hear recent privacy updates, including Google Analytics 4, Turkey, India, and the US, along with recent decisions, such as Criteo.

Hosts discuss how data privacy has grown since 2000 and the IG apprenticeship program Barry Moult just launched.

Hear about data privacy certification exams including the IAPP: CIPP & CIPM from an IAPP trainer.

Dr. K and Ralph discuss the proposed Data Protection and Digital Information bill, which seeks to clarify some aspects of data protection law in the UK.

Stay current on Canadian bills such as C27, the newest proposal to update PIPEDA – following up from C11, which failed to pass in the previous election year.

Know the difference between backups and archives and insights on how backups relate to privacy.