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Serious Privacy Podcast

Tailored for people who are interested in the hottest field in a technology world. Whether you are a professional who wants to learn more about privacy and data protection or someone who just finds this fascinating, we have topics for you. In-depth information on serious privacy topics.


These podcasts, hosted by K Royal and Paul Breitbarth, will feature open, unscripted discussions with global privacy professionals (those kitchen tables or back porch conversations) where you hear the opinions and thoughts of those who are on the front lines working on the newest issues in handling personal data. Real information on your schedule - because the world needs serious privacy.

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Previous Episodes

OCT 7, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 35 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Wicked problems are those without simple answers. They are thorny, complex, multi-faceted issues. This episode of Serious Privacy by Paul Breitbarth and K Royal was pre-billed on social media as “talking anarchy” and “Serious Privacy-ing.”  In this episode, guests include Uber CPO and frustrated comedian Ruby Zefo, Godmother of Privacy Engineering Michelle Dennedy, and TrustArc’s General […]

SEP 29, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 34 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc If 2020 was not bad enough already, we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, 2020. She was admired by many lawyers and legal scholars, not just in the United States – she was a legal giant, and a great advocate for equality for all. Paul Breitbarth and K Royal discuss […]

SEP 22, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 33 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving. In this episode, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal revisit some of the issues discussed on previous episodes, but with a guest who has a unique global perspective. Our guest today is an American in Brussels. He is the Deputy Chief Privacy Officer […]

SEP 14, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 32 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc This past week in privacy law saw several unexpected developments. When this podcast started back in January, the intention was to record a series of conversations between K Royal and Paul Breitbarth with an occasional guest or recorded conference panel discussion. They would discuss what had […]

SEP 08, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 31 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Ralph O’Brien, and Marie Penot Privacy professionals as cosplayers – maintaining a sense of identity away from the hectic life of a privacy professional or managing stress in a healthy direction? In this episode of Serious Privacy, we move away a little from data protection and […]

SEP 01, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 30 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Tom Besore Privacy is the hottest new job market for attorneys and non-attorneys. Even more so when you consider the full range of data protection jobs. A few weeks ago, we spoke to Jared Coseglia with TRU STaffing about recruiting for functions in privacy. In this […]

AUG 24, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 29 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Annelies Moens Now this story is all about how our lives got flipped – turned upside down. We’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, we’ll tell you all about the privacy laws down there. Today, we are traveling virtually to the sixth largest […]

AUG 18, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 28 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Travis LeBlanc With all the recent changes in privacy laws, it seems like a whole new world. Or perhaps not. In this episode, we connect with Travis LeBlanc, a well-seasoned professional with insight into government actions to discuss recent privacy developments through the lens of past […]

AUG 11, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 27 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Jared Coseglia The privacy job market is booming! Chief Privacy Officer, Data Protection Officer, Chief Data Officer, Privacy Engineer, GDPR Expert, CCPA Consultant, Data Privacy Counsel, Privacy Risk Officer… And this is just to get started. Do a vacancy search with the word ‘Privacy’ on LinkedIn […]

AUG 04, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 26 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc, Pedro Pavon Privacy is not a luxury, yet marginalized populations are more scrutinized and adversely impacted. How do we build equality into the data and practices on using data? It is no surprise that in today’s day and age, data is ubiquitous. Every step we take […]

JUL 28, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 25 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Privacy is like driving a car – lots of rules which change across borders and you need to look both ways before crossing the street. In both the US and EU, the Schrems-II decision on 16 July is a major development in data protection navigation. But […]

JUL 16, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 24 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc The Schrems II decision is a Serious Privacy topic. Privacy professionals in the EU and the US had the 16th of July marked on their calendars for a long time. Today was the day the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union […]