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This solutions brief summarizes SB 220 to help companies prepare; points out differences from CCPA; outlines steps to comply; and summarizes solutions to support these efforts.

This TrustArc FAQs concentrates on the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act and Nevada Senate Bill 220 and answers common questions posed by organizations such as website publishers, advertisers and ad tech intermediaries.

The CCPA, set to enter operation on Jan. 1, 2020, introduces major privacy requirements for organizations with customers or employees in California. This CCPA advisory provides an update on some potential changes and the implication to businesses.

This guide can help teach how to prioritize your accountability obligations.

The GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018. Leading up to this date, many organisations had determined that it would be practical to approach the many requirements of the GDPR as a “project” with various workstreams.

An Accountability Approach to GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting

This essential report helps organizations better understand how to use and apply legitimate interests.

This study spans multiple industries, including 46 organisations that completed a GDPR benchmark.

This framework is the latest in Nymity’s ongoing thought-leadership research in accountability.

There has been no rest for privacy professionals coming out of last year’s GDPR compliance activities. California (CCPA) and other jurisdictions bringing in new and/or amended privacy legislation are creating increasing demands on the privacy office so it isn’t surprising that privacy professionals are feeling anxious.

Introduction to the GDPR, including information on the importance of compliance and recommendations to address the regulation.

In today’s uncertain environment, organizations are regularly confronting new and evolving risks. Data-related risks can stand alone or converge with other enterprise risks, such as third party risk, regulatory compliance risk – such as CCPA and GDPR, security risk, operational and financial risks.