Strategic Priorities Assessment

Develop a roadmap for short and long term privacy program priorities.

When your company decides that privacy needs to be a more prioritized initiative, the first step is to take accurate stock of where your privacy program currently stands against where you want it to be. This is especially true where privacy is a nascent area of investment for the organization and you need greater strategic clarity on the most effective way to allocate time and resources.

TrustArc Strategic Priorities Assessment

TrustArc Privacy Consultants provide a comprehensive view of your current privacy program and recommend immediate privacy priorities and long-range plans. We first assess your organization to identify broad areas of privacy risk. Based on an understanding of your organizational goals we identify applicable benchmarks from recognized frameworks, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the AICPA/CICA privacy maturity model, and others, to develop a privacy roadmap for immediate steps and long-range planning tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Our Proven, 3-Step Process

TrustArc has an established privacy assessment methodology based on two decades of experience delivering privacy services to thousands of clients around the world.

Step One

Organizational Survey

Through initial interviews, our consultants work with you to gain an understanding of the organizational structure, business priorities, market pressures and risk environment, general data types and flows, and privacy infrastructure and resources currently in place. We then broadly identify areas of privacy risk. The Organizational Survey provides a summary of this initial discovery process.

Step Two

& Benchmarking

Based on the findings in the Organizational Survey, our Privacy Consultants identify applicable recognized frameworks such as the GDPR, AICPA/CICA Privacy Maturity Model, FIPPS, OECD, or the GAPP, based on organizational needs. We then provide a benchmarking of your organization to assess your privacy standing. The Frameworks & Benchmarking document provides a summary of the company’s current privacy posture and the desired position.

Step Three

Strategic Priorities
Assessment Plan

We then construct a Strategic Priorities Assessment Plan with immediate steps and a long-term roadmap for advancing the privacy program to the desired state.
Immediate steps may include areas of risk such as specific products or processes that require more detailed diagnostics or remediation. Long-term planning may include technology and process recommendations, vendor management, or committee and infrastructure planning.

Looking for help building your strategic privacy plan?