Trademarks, Service Marks, and Certification Marks 

Held by TrustArc Inc and its Subsidiaries


TrustArc Inc and its subsidiaries TRUSTe LLC and TrustArc Canada Inc. hold rights to a number of marks. By way of explanation, a “trademark” generally is a symbol, word, phrase or logo that is used to identify and distinguish the source of goods, and a “service mark” is a symbol, word, phrase or logo used to identify and distinguish a provider of a service.  Trademarks and service marks sometimes are accompanied by an “R” within a circle, which indicates that the mark is registered (e.g., with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office), and they sometimes are accompanied by an “SM” or “TM” symbol, which indicates a party claims exclusive rights to use those marks. Some jurisdictions recognize a third category of marks known as “certification marks”, which can be used to identify that a product or service complies with a particular external standard or it can signify another characteristic, such as the geographic origin of the product or service.


Registration of Marks

Some of the marks shown below as belonging to TrustArc Inc and/or its subsidiaries are listed on the Principal Register of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and/or with the trademark authorities of Canada, Japan or other governmental jurisdictions. Some countries register marks for services as “trademarks” rather than as “service marks”, so the category heading below is shown as “Trademarks/Service Marks”. Where marks have not been registered with a trademark office, TrustArc Inc claims trademark, service mark and/or certification mark rights to the unregistered marks under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction (e.g., under common law trademark rights in the United States).

In addition to the list of current marks owned by TrustArc Inc and/or its subsidiaries, a list is provided of marks that no longer currently are in use by TrustArc and its subsidiaries.


Reservation of Rights

To the extent a trademark, service mark or certification mark does not appear on the list below, this does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights that TrustArc Inc or its subsidiaries have established in any of their marks.


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding trademarks, service marks, or certification marks held by TrustArc Inc or its subsidiaries, please contact us at


Trademarks/Service Marks:

TA logo
TrustArc Old
Nymity Old
Nymity Framework
Truste old


Certification Marks:

For more information on the TRUSTe privacy certification and verification programs and on the standards relating to each certification program, see here. The following shows the current TRUSTe certification marks. In addition to the marks in English below, TRUSTe certification marks have been translated into various languages. Use of the TRUSTe certification marks must be explicitly authorized by TRUSTe and is only permitted after strictly complying with TRUSTe’s strict standards for certification. Any unauthorized use is unlawful and will be considered a violation of TRUSTe’s trademark and intellectual property rights.


[Example of the TRUSTe APEC Privacy certification mark translated into another language on the right below – German]

Marks No Longer in Use:

The following marks are no longer in use by TrustArc Inc or any of its subsidiaries. Any unauthorized use of these marks is unlawful and will be considered a violation of TRUSTe’s trademark and intellectual property rights.




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