Today, TrustArc announced that the global adoption of TRUSTed Ads has expanded, with its mobile advertising partner base more than doubling within the last year to include 33 leading mobile ad partners.

Since it was first to market in 2012, TRUSTed Ads has powered billions of privacy safe mobile ads to help our clients deliver innovative advertising campaigns and build trust with their target audience while adhering to industry-leading standards of privacy in the U.S. and Europe.

TRUSTed Ads is a comprehensive mobile advertising privacy solution for both mobile web and mobile apps, which adheres to the DAA Mobile Guidelines and the EU Self Regulatory Program for OBA and offers consumers transparency and choice.

TRUSTed Ads includes an easy-to-use preference management system accessible through the AdChoices icon that enables consumers to manage their personal privacy settings across mobile devices and websites, as well as a mobile app SDK for iOS and Android.

“Our market-leading mobile advertising privacy solution TRUSTed Ads, has proved to be ahead of the game in anticipating self-regulatory guidelines and delivering mobile privacy best practices making it a clear choice for forward-thinking ad networks such as Millennial Media, StrikeAd and byyd.” Rich Qiu, Vice President Business Development, Mobile at TRUSTe

Mobile continues to be the fastest growing online advertising industry and advertisers, publishers and networks are eager to increase their mobile ads volume and performance.

Behavioral advertising is a proven strategy to improve performance, but it also raises increased privacy concerns with consumers and regulators. TRUSTed Ads enables all players in the mobile ecosystem to build trust with consumers and meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements – powering privacy safe advertising and helping to drive innovations.

Before Millennial Media continued the global roll out of its Mobile Audience Solutions (MAS) behavioral targeting solution in the UK in January 2013, it wanted to be certain that it continued to be a leader in offering products that reflect industry best practices when it comes to mobile privacy. Read the case study online for the further details.

“We process massive amounts of data to provide comprehensive advertising solutions, making it vital that we build trust for the advertising community by giving consumers control to engage in an increasingly mobile world. With global compatibility, TRUSTed Ads also supports our customers’ worldwide mobile marketing objectives by adhering to industry-leading standards of privacy in the U.S. as well as internationally.” Ho Shin, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Millennial Media