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In early 2012, like every website owner in the UK, IDG UK faced the challenge of achieving compliance with the ‘Cookie Directive,’ which requires companies to obtain informed consent before placing tracking technologies on a consumer’s computer or mobile device.


A major online operator with eight web properties serving over 30 million ad impressions monthly, IDG UK decided not just to comply by the May 26th deadline, but to deliver best practices in the marketplace.


Dawn Briddon, IDG UK’s Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“TrustArc clearly stood out from the crowd as the best partner, for several reasons. It was clear from the start that they didn’t see themselves as just a solutions provider but also a privacy consultant who was there to help us as a business identify the best privacy strategy and approach.”

“Their intricate knowledge of privacy legislation and the fact that they were in dialogue directly with the regulators such as the ICO [Information Commissioners Office] gave me a confidence, I hadn’t had up to that point, that we had found exactly the right approach.”


“TrustArc’s Website Monitoring Service ensures we are identifying and disclosing dynamically all of the cookies operating on our sites. In addition, this service gives us a thorough insight as to who is dropping what cookies on our site and the control to identify anything that we aren’t happy with.”


“The Consent & Preferences Manager provides users with full control and visibility on how their data is being used at any given time, and they can manage their preferences in exactly the way they want. It is a really user friendly tool and provides a lot of transparency about what we’re doing.”


Dawn added, “With the Consent Manager, coupled with a fully transparent cookie usage policy on our site, we were able to become compliant in just a matter of weeks.”


“But we didn’t do this as an exercise only for compliance it was also around showing that we deserve the trust of our users.”


“What I loved about the TRUSTe service was that the solution has the flexibility to cater for all eventualities and that should compliance, or industry requirements, change then so would their solution so what I was getting was an assurance of compliance, not just a set solution.”


“Also, as our business evolves along with our privacy strategy, TRUSTe has a complete raft of solutions that I know can provide the services I need.”


Dawn concluded, “I think if anyone’s looking at their privacy issues and how best to comply I would recommend TrustArc over anyone.”


Hear more about Dawn Briddon’s experience of working with TRUSTe in the video case study. Further details of TRUSTe’s Website Monitoring Service and the TRUSTed Consent Manager are available here.


Click here for the video.