TrustArc teams up with Flite, the paid media publishing company, to offer the TRUSTed Ads technology on the Flite Platform. Flite’s integration with TrustArc allows clients to comply with the industry-recommended self-regulatory principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) and FTC guidelines.


The TRUSTed Ads technology gives brands, publishers, and agencies the ability to insert the industry-sanctioned Advertising Options Icon, frequently seen as an AdChoices button, within a Flite display ad.


The icon expands to a simple notice about OBA practices, and links to an intuitive interface where consumers can view a list of entities that are able to collect and use their data for online behavioral advertising. Consumers may opt out of receiving behaviorally-targeted ads from some or all of these entities.


The TRUSTed Ads app, available to more than 5000 TRUSTe customers, is highly customizable, with multiple options to change the content, design aesthetic, and layout. Brands can also link to their company’s privacy policy.


“As online advertising and targeting technologies become more sophisticated, it’s important for consumers to manage their data and have a voice in determining who can access that data,” said Will Price, CEO of Flite.


“As a company, Flite is committed to enabling best practices across the online advertising ecosystem. Our partnership with TRUSTe allows us to offer solutions that build trust between the advertiser and consumer.”


“While we have integrated with multiple platforms, the Flite partnership is the first of its kind in both the type of service offered, and unique technology created for the seamless integration with Flite’s platform,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe.


“We are excited to offer TRUSTed Ads technology through Flite and to work with the leader in paid media publishing.”


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