New website monitoring capability identifies third parties using fingerprinting tracking techniques; allows companies to provide their customers with notice and the choice to opt-out

San Francisco, April 14, 2015 – As technology continues to evolve, marketers are leaving cookies behind and turning to device recognition technology commonly known as “device fingerprinting.” This technology tracks consumers online and allows companies to serve them relevant targeted advertisements based on their online activity. What makes fingerprinting unique is that it allows companies to collect characteristics of internet-connected devices by identifying browser settings without the use of cookies and usually without consent from the consumer.

Today, TRUSTe, the leading data privacy management company has introduced a new device fingerprinting detection capability as part of its Website Monitoring Service, an industry-leading solution used by enterprises to monitor, control and protect consumer data collected across their digital assets. This new capability allows companies to identify third party trackers that are using fingerprinting techniques to collect personal data from their customers via their online properties without knowledge or consent. Combined with TRUSTe’s EU Consent Manager and Advertising Compliance solutions, this new capability will enable companies to identify these third parties on their websites, provide accurate information to consumers and request their consent.

In response to reports that companies were exploring device fingerprinting in an attempt to avoid the consent requirements under the “EU Cookie Directive,” the European Data Protection Authorities confirmed last November that the EU Cookie Directive also applies to all methods of tracking including device fingerprinting. In the US, the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council’s (ASRC) Accountability Program has also recently added “cookie-less” technologies to its enforcement program requirements. This means that companies must provide a way for consumers to opt-out of this more sophisticated method of tracking in order to stay compliant, avoid enforcement and build trust.

“In an attempt to avoid regulatory requirements, marketers are now turning to different methods such as fingerprinting technology to identify specific characteristics of online users to serve them targeted ads. But it’s not a quick fix. Regulatory and self-regulatory bodies have clearly stated that these new tracking technologies are covered by existing rules and businesses need to take action to stay compliant,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe.

“Privacy technology must keep pace with digital innovation. By adding device fingerprint recognition technology to our arsenal, we can remain at the forefront of helping businesses identify these third parties so they can provide their customers with notice and the option to give their consent.”

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