Using cookies and other tracking technologies enables companies to provide an enhanced online experience for website visitors. But these technologies also introduce privacy compliance risks along with challenges of visibility into the dozens or hundreds of third parties trackers on a website. TrustArc Website Monitoring Manager scans websites to identify compliance risks, conduct cookie audits, and manage trackers for cookie consent.

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Deep Scan: Automatically navigate websites and their subpages with the TrustArc crawling technology.

Understand Risks: Match third party trackers against a database of known trackers, each scored with the TrustArc proprietary Risk Index. High, Medium and Low grouping helps companies prioritize the ones to investigate.

GDPR Support: Address guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (French CNIL).

CCPA Support: Determine the trackers that should be categorized as service provider and third-parties for CCPA purposes.

Visibility: Gain insight into the history of website calls that ultimately brought the identified trackers to the website.

Reporting: Analyze details such as tracker type, frequency of use, and other metadata to determine the right course of action for compliance decisions. Generate a report that can be shared with others.


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Identify and analyze tracking activity and privacy risk across all of your websites.