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Privacy & Data Governance

Navigate, automate, and certify your compliance

Achieve privacy excellence with automation

Elevate trust across customers, vendors, and regulators with best-in-class, automated privacy solutions. Experience unmatched expertise and seamless compliance on a single platform.

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Trust Center: Elevate compliance effortlessly, amplify trust instantly

Easily display all trust and safety information to reduce risk, shorten sales cycles, and build a trustworthy reputation in real-time using a no-code unified trust center.

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Lead the future of AI: Get certified

Get ahead in the AI revolution with TrustArc’s Responsible AI Certification. Prepare for the EU-AI Act, stand out with responsible AI, and win trust. Let’s lead the future responsibly together.

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Meet NymityAI Beta – your privacy co-pilot

Explore the world of AI-enhanced privacy research with NymityAI! Effortlessly navigate global privacy laws, save time, and foster a culture that prioritizes privacy.

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2024 Global Privacy Benchmarks Report

The 5th annual survey results are in! This year’s report showcases a 360-degree corporate view of key privacy developments, corporate priorities, and privacy management readiness.

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    The numbers don't lie, create real ROI

    • Achieve cost savings

      35% decrease in total cost of proving compliance

    • Accelerate compliance

      5 week decrease in time to compliance

    • Reduce risk

      $654k reduced cost of complying with privacy laws

    • Avoid privacy incidents

      80% decrease in privacy incidents when using TrustArc products

    Navigate the future of privacy confidently

    TrustArc provides elite compliance solutions, trust-building certifications, and data governance. Streamline your operations and make privacy your differentiator.

    Accountable AI

    Get your go-to guide for mastering Accountable AI in privacy. Dive into the world of AI and privacy regulations while discovering a practical roadmap to align your organizational needs with individual rights.

    Why our customers love us

    TrustArc is essential in helping my company navigate the complex landscape of data privacy.

    – Gunhan P., Sr. Legal Counsel, Forte Labs

    We switched to TrustArc from OneTrust because of poor support and an inability to get their cookie tool working on our site. Working with TrustArc has, quite literally, been exactly as we hoped. Our Technical Account Manager has been a big part of our success.

    – Sean McInnis, Data Protection Officer, NEJM Group

    Implementation was a breeze. The team has guided us through the process. In addition, and probably more importantly, the support team has been available at the beginning and for follow-up throughout the year.

    – Brian K.

    TrustArc provides hands-on customer support and frequently solicits feedback from its clients. I appreciate being able to reach someone quickly when I have a question.

    – Daniel L.

    TrustArc has been extremely helpful in getting us set up to be compliant with a number of privacy and other applicable laws. Further, the customer team we are working with who provide implementation support are incredible and we couldn’t ask for a better team.

    – Jacob G., Associate General Counsel, Redis

      Rated #1 on G2

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