The first ever compliance solution in the market to streamline
contextual privacy awareness across your organization.


Awareness Tracker keeps privacy champions and employees across the organization engaged with short bite-size bursts of information that is relevant to their jurisdiction, job function, and knowledge level. The short stories are accompanied by visuals and an interactive user interface, and also offers a gamification setting. Awareness tracker learns based on each subscribers stated relevance for stories, and adapts future privacy knowledge that is informative and relevant – Arming employees with enough privacy knowledge to engage the Privacy Office, DPO, and legal counsel when appropriate.

One-Stop Access to your Awareness Learning

One-Stop Access to your Awareness Learning

Quick & Simple Setup for All Learners

Quick & Simple Setup for All Learners



Equip the entire organization to know how to identify privacy risks and promote risk mitigation.

Time Utilization

Remove the time and pressure from the privacy office to maintain the knowledge of Privacy Champions.


Demonstrate accountability with on-demand or monthly key employee awareness reports.


Motivate individuals to maintain their privacy knowledge using scorecards, statuses & rankings.

Regulator Ready Reporting

Show Regulators that employees are maintaining an appropriate level of awareness.


Engage new employees with past, current and relevant stories they can relate to.


Arm individuals with enough privacy knowledge relevant to their role and jurisdiction to engage with the Privacy Office, DPO and legal counsel when appropriate.

Easily Track & Report on the Awareness Level of All Learners

Easily Prove that Employees are Aware of Their Responsibilities


Instantly Understand the Learner’s Awareness Needs


Effortlessly Build Awareness & Motivate All Learners Using Relevant Bite-Size Stories


Demonstrate that all published guidelines relevant to Regulators are being tracked

Track relevant legislative developments

Maintain awareness in a few minutes each week

Repurpose graphical representations for employee training

Maintain awareness of different types of breaches

Reward Privacy Champions with status as their knowledge improves

Generate accurate reports on the knowledge gained

Increase organizational accountability

Reduce risks related to processing personal data

Educate individuals on the importance of conducting PIAs

Simple setup – add users in seconds

Built-in engaging infographics and visuals to support the learning process

Helps Privacy Champions to identify when policies and procedures needs to be enhanced

CPE credits for certified Privacy Champions


Awareness Tracker Datasheet

Learn how you can advance your organization with privacy awareness.