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Assessment Manager

Streamline your data privacy & vendor assessments

Every organization’s privacy compliance program is unique, shaped by the specifics of the privacy regulatory requirements and unique organizational business processes or vendors. Streamline your privacy and vendor assessment process with automated tools that are easily customized to your specific needs.

Assessments customized to your organization

With customizable fields, question types, and response methods, TrustArc Assessment Manager makes it easy to make the software your own, so you can speed and streamline the end-to-end risk assessment process.

Use it to identify compliance gaps, manage tasks, maintain audit trails, and produce compliance reports (e.g. DPIA / PIA risk reports) that meet the specific regulatory requirements of your organization.

Auto-identify privacy compliance issues

TrustArc Assessment Manager completely automates your assessment process, from identifying where you’re not in alignment with regulatory requirements to defining the path to remediation.

Easily assess privacy risk

Pre-built Assessments

Save time and ensure privacy compliance with 14+ pre-built privacy assessment templates, all of which include annual CCPA regulator reporting and built-in follow-up actions.

Assessment automation

Assessment workflow automation can help you save time with risk assessments such as DPIAs, PIAs, TIAs, or other kinds of vendor and impact assessments.

Compliance reporting

Easily produce reports (including executive summaries, assessment status, and detailed views) to benchmark against KPIs, undertake remediation, and create audit trails.

With TrustArc, the ability to manage data subject requests in combination with data inventory and risk assessments is key.

Director of Privacy and Cybersecurity

TrustArc’s robust risk assessment and mitigation features are exceptional.

Justin Y., G2 Review

TrustArc assessments are helpful in gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources, allowing us to gain greater insight into our business operations and make smarter decisions about long-term strategies.

Brittany M., G2 Review

Assessment Manager allows us to better streamline the PIA process so that no new processes slip through the cracks. It has made it significantly easier to manage PIAs between all of the people who need to access and review it, from submission to completion.

Chris S., G2 Review

Honestly, It is a time and cost-saving platform for data privacy management, security assessment, and workflow management. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and navigate without the need for any additional documentation.

Nishant S., G2 Review

    Take the pain out of risk assessments

    Say goodbye to slow manual processes, homemade privacy assessments using survey tools, or error-ridden spreadsheets for tracking. Start using specialized privacy-first assessment management software designed to automate and streamline your workflow to make life easier.

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