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TRUSTe Dispute Resolution Service

Unresolved conflict and ineffective consumer or business partner disputes can be reputationally and financially costly. Reduce risk and let a trusted third party resolve it.

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Modernize your privacy program

  • Reduce risk

    Address complaints from consumers, business partners, or end-users to help minimize risk of escalation to an enforcement agency or media.

  • Rely on industry experts

    Our TRUSTe Dispute Resolution program manages 3,000-9,000 requests annually. Our company has been helping clients with privacy-related dispute resolution for over two decades across industries and business models.

  • Achieve positive outcomes

    Leverage a highly experienced third-party mediator to analyze and recommend a resolution. Disputes are kept confidential by TrustArc, outside of media or public records.

How it works

TrustArc's Dispute Resolution Service is a cost-effective option to help reduce risk and meet needs under regulatory frameworks. It satisfies the Independent Recourse Mechanism requirement for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, which includes coverage for both Swiss-US and UK Extension. Similarly, it satisfies the dispute resolution requirement for the APEC CBPR and PRP Systems.
  • Privacy Complaint Filed

    The consumer utilizes the TRUSTe feedback button or form to file a complaint.

  • Analysis

    TRUSTe analysis to determine whether issue is in scope and whether response by the Client is required.

  • Mediation

    TRUSTe facilitates dialogue and may suggest approaches to help resolve the situation.

  • Findings

    TRUSTe provides its determination, closing the issue and evaluating any appeal.

Internationally recognized privacy experts

Experienced privacy team

Global team of privacy expertise with 20+ years of refined subject matter knowledge. Our team members have hands-on experience across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions, and our organization has completed over 10,000 client engagements.

Recognized Accountability Agent

As an Accountability Agent for APEC CBPR System, as well as our long history of providing verification and dispute resolution services under other EU-US regulatory frameworks such as Safe Harbor/Data Protection Framework, we are experienced in helping resolve disputes including cross-border consumer complaints.

Exceptional dispute resolution service

Our team has helped clients evaluate and resolve a wide range of consumer requests. In addition to consumer requests regarding personal data such as access, deletion, unsubscribe, etc. Our process has helped clients identify improvements in processes and/or technologies such as website security technology, unsubscribe or similar choice mechanisms, and personnel training.

Resolve privacy complaints with trusted mediators

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