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Privacy Program Management

Complying with multiple regulations?

When complying with the many (ever-changing) data privacy laws and regulations, the manual effort and costs for compliance can be huge.

It’s no surprise that it costs a company an average of $15-60k or more to comply with each new data privacy law in the U.S alone. Move away from manual tracking using specialized privacy and governance software to quickly achieve compliance and maximize auditing efficacy.

Streamline your privacy program

Get on-demand actionable KPIs and reporting mechanisms so your compliance gaps are evaluated and resolved quickly and efficiently with the help of automation.

A combination of privacy automation, intelligence, and reporting view unlocks new possibilities for your privacy program to scale for years to come.

Automate up to 80% of your compliance efforts

PrivacyCentral’s auto-law identification helps you understand relevant privacy and security regulations and standards. Easily audit yourself and demonstrate accountability with attestations against 17k privacy and security controls.

Controls-based frameworks

The controls-based frameworks automatically identify commonalities among multiple privacy laws, regulations, frameworks, and standards — eliminating 30% or more of duplicate work.

Compliance automation

Streamline tracking, evidence gathering, and compliance. Utilize relevant Operational Templates to operationalize quickly including sample policies, checklists, to incident response plans.

Robust reporting

Leverage on-demand benchmarking and executive reporting to demonstrate accountability. Measure and choose your organizational baseline when it comes to compliance standard readiness.

Nymity Research: Understand your obligations

Save time and costs with digestible legal summaries covering 244+ global jurisdictions, along with 800+ operational templates.

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