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Individual Rights Manager

Keep up with data subject requests effortlessly

Automate and scale your DSR fulfillment with confidence and ease across different jurisdiction-specific requirements. Save time with DSR workflow automation and reduce risk with built-in privacy compliance features.

Don’t let manual processes slow you down

There’s an ever-growing number of data privacy laws that grant consumers and employees data privacy rights across 183+ jurisdictions (e.g., GDPR, California’s CCPA, LGPD, Canada’s PIPEDA, etc.) along with stipulated timeframes. Most organizations are processing between 51 and 100 subject rights requests (SRRs) per month, with processing of a single access request costing more than $1,500 (Gartner).

Automate to accelerate DSR processes

Manual processes for DSAR tracking and fulfillment are too slow to keep up with increasing volume of DSRs and too inflexible to easily accommodate multiple global regulations. TrustArc’s Individual Rights Manager automates the entire request fulfillment process to rapidly scale across mobile, web, and app environments according to jurisdictional requirements — allowing you to avoid regulatory fines and lawsuits.

Be responsible and responsive

Data continues to increase in complexity and volume. Your DSR solution should scale and make this easier for you in terms of searching for data and completing DSR fulfillment. Easily automate your DSR workflow with TrustArc’s Individual Rights Manager.

Scale with DSR automation

  • Compliantly intake data subject requests

    Dynamically intake requests related to data subject rights, regardless of digital channel — mobile, web, or app — and automatically fulfill and act on data subject requests across systems with TrustArc’s Rapid API. Our logic-based intake templates are based on local regulations and browser language detection.

  • Streamlined data request processing

    Auto-assign tasks to data owners based on the type of request, relevant jurisdiction, and brand, to streamline processing of a variety of requests. Rely on automated communications — with customizations supported — to notify individuals of their request as required by different regulations.

  • Automated privacy controls

    Implement privacy controls for requests by type of user (partner, customer, employee) and specific jurisdiction — no manual effort or privacy expertise required.

  • Data subject lifecycle management

    Use identity verification and role-based access to anonymize fields for security, and get one-click, on-demand reporting to meet auditing requirements.

TrustArc allows my company to seamlessly track and respond to consumer requests for different privacy laws. It also allows for user-friendly templates to be assembled to improve customer experience.

Andrew J., G2 Review

The ability to manage data subject requests in combination with data inventory and risk assessments is key.

Chris S., G2 Review

TrustArc provides hands-on customer support and frequently solicits feedback from its clients. I appreciate being able to reach someone quickly when I have a question.

Daniel J., G2 Review

TrustArc fills the role of the third party where data subjects can go to report any issues with our practices and also keeps us apprised of changes to regulations.

Mike J., G2 Review

    Faster responses, fewer risks

    With TrustArc Individual Rights Manager, what used to be a long, arduous, manual effort to respond to DSRs is a straightforward, automated process—no special expertise or training needed.

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