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Is your cookie banner compliant?

In today’s privacy-driven world, it’s important to be transparent and build trust with cookie consents. That means allowing users to freely give consent before sharing any personally identifiable information for tracking, targeting, advertising, and consumer profiling.

Cookie consent

Cookie consent third party tracking encompasses a range of requirements, including:

  • Global Privacy Controls (GPC signals)
  • CCPA & CPRA: Do Not Sell/Share opt-outs
  • Cookie Notice / Privacy Policy
  • Explicit Consent
  • Advertising standards via IAB TCF (Google Certified CMP Provider)

A comprehensive approach

  • Compliant banners

    Are your cookie banners compliant with changing laws (CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, PIPL, GPC and beyond)?

  • Required opt-ins and opt-outs

    Are you providing opt-outs for tracking and cookie usage (i.e. Do Not Sell/Share under CCPA)?

  • Compliant tracker identification

    Are you identifying online trackers such as website tags, trackers, cookies, pixels, abeacons) through regular scans for CCPA and CPA compliance?

  • Manage online trackers

    Are you managing online trackers using a Tag Management System and a signal from a cookie consent manager to block tags to comply with laws like CCPA and GDPR?

  • Disclosure requirements

    Are you meeting the increasingly rigorous requirements for disclosure with respect to your use of third-party tracking technologies under important US regulator standards like HIPAA, FTC, CCPA, VCDPA, CTDPA, or CPA?

Nymity Research: Understand your obligations

Save time, effort, and costs with timely and digestible legal summaries on 244+ global jurisdictions and their cookie obligations and consent laws.

Cookie consent compliance

TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager provides a privacy-first global cookie consent banner that’s robust, configurable, and designed for easy setup, and installation — built on a platform constantly reviewed and continuously updated by in-house privacy and legal experts.

Global compliance

Easily meet the requirements of multiple data privacy laws and regulations from across 100+ global jurisdictions, and manage multiple international domains and languages.

Utilize extensive privacy functionality and framework support (e.g. GPC, Do Not Sell or Share, Do Not Track, IAB GPP, IAB TCF 2.2, etc.) as a Google-certified CMP.

Automated tracker management

Take advantage of deep scanning to find online cookies and trackers you didn’t even know existed on your websites.

Don’t waste your time manually categorizing your trackers. Watch as we automate categorization of those trackers as Required, Functional, or Advertising.

Easy installation and configuration

Deploy customized cookie banners in four easy steps, with one script for all your websites and one for your mobile apps.

Our on-demand metrics (device type, opt-ins/opt-outs, bounce rates) offer flexible filtering and integrations for complete visibility.

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