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Assurance & Certification

TRUSTe Data Collection Certification

Designed for advertising companies to provide a direct relationship with end users and their preferences, while demonstrating compliant data collection from websites, mobile applications, and online channels.

Digital advertising compliance globally

  • Robust multi-framework standard

    Based on self-regulatory principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and applicable to mobile devices, cross-app data, and mult-site data, this framework ensures organizations in the ad tech industry proactively adhere to industry standards.

  • Industry recognized credibility

    Our established, industry-standard TRUSTe seal is one of the most recognized ways of demonstrating privacy compliance. Once certified, implement the seal easily on your digital properties (e.g., your website). Our seal has had 10s of billions of impressions and our team has completed over 10,000 certifications for global organizations.

  • Expert guidance and assistance

    Our privacy experts work with you to uncover privacy compliance to find the operational solutions that fit your organization.

Assurance process

Demonstrate privacy compliance, reduce risk, and build trust with an independent review powered by technology and delivered by privacy experts.
  • Discovery and evaluation

    An experienced Global Privacy Solutions team member guides you through the assessment process, utilizing our proven methodology and powerful technology.

  • Remediation insights

    We leverage our years of experience to provide you with remediation insights to complement the gap analysis provided. Complementary access to relevant and curated operational templates can simplify your certification process. We then validate your company’s privacy notices to ensure accurate reflection of your updated privacy practices and meet required standards.

  • Ongoing guidance and dispute resolution services

    TRUSTe will conduct ongoing compliance monitoring during the certification period, including an annual review. Utilize our third party dispute resolution service to mediate privacy issues.

  • Gap analysis

    Get a report with gap analysis and actionable recommendations for compliance. Enhance your privacy posture with essential steps.

  • Accessible audit trail

    Use TrustArc’s platform to access a complete audit trail, combining assessment tasks and supporting documentation. Streamline inquiry responses and maintain audit compliance.

What you get

Letter of Attestation

Leverage an official letter of Attestation for transparent regulatory compliance, bolstered stakeholder communication, and impactful third-party assurance, enhancing your organization’s competitive edge.

TRUSTe certified privacy seal

Authorized use of the TRUSTe Certified Privacy seal of display on approved privacy notices and digital properties. The seal is hosted and linked to a TRUSTe Validation Page to provide real-time verification along with an easily understood consumer notice on your certification.

Dispute Resolution

Use our Dispute Resolution Service to resolve privacy issues with your users. Our TRUSTe program manages thousands of requests globally each year. Embed the TRUSTe Privacy Feedback Button to enable instant consumer interaction.

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