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Consent & Preference Manager

Honor customer preferences at every touchpoint

Put your customers first with customizable privacy experiences, enforced across your entire marketing and vendor ecosystem, and across all your applications, domains, mobile apps, and connected TV.

Cross-channel management is challenging

Collecting, syncing, and real-time processing of customer privacy preferences can quickly become unsustainable across multiple brands, mobile apps, websites, and marketing applications.

One misstep can destroy a customer’s trust, driving up opt-outs, eroding your reputation, or leading to lost business.

Streamline with a single, universal consent repository

Simplify with a centralized customer preference repository for easy tracking across your brands and digital experiences.

Provide customers with a use-friendly transparent preference center on their email, mobile, targeted advertising, and profiling choices.

Your direct path to customer trust

Easily collect, sync, and process customer privacy choices and first party data across your marketing channels.

Allow customers to view their entire consent history and modify their preferences anytime – building trust for the long term.

Customer experience meets privacy compliance

  • Compliant processing of user choices

    Count on dynamic intake forms and consent prompts to help you comply with changing privacy regulations and laws around the globe (e.g. CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, UK DPA, ePrivacy, GPC, and more). Role-based access, anonymization, and pseudo-anonymization of data ensure secure handling of consent activity.

  • Responsive customer experience

    Personalize forms and prompts to increase opt-ins and build loyalty — and then follow through with full transparency, including customer access to consent histories. Branding and set-up is easy with drag and drop interface and customization templates or choose to implement your own custom CSS – with a turnkey implementation.

  • Regulatory compliance and audit trails

    Easily export and share reports including audit trails for compliance. Track history of consent preferences and overall consent trends in a central location.

  • Personalized data subject values

    Leverage magic links to personalize consent forms for each consumer, specific for each data subject type, ensuring the user doesn’t have to provide their details again and cannot submit consents for someone else.

Seamless integration

Integrate and sync first-party data to third-party applications and tools across your entire ecosystem in real time with Rapid API. You can also choose to use REST APIs for seamless integration.

They are experts in privacy and compliance and keep us ahead of the things we don’t have dedicated resources for.

Brian M., G2 Review

TrustArc has a solid platform with strong customer account management, making it easy to manage multiple international domains.

Chris S., G2 Review

TrustArc provides hands-on customer support and frequently solicits feedback from its clients. I appreciate being able to reach someone quickly when I have a question.

Daniel L., G2 Review

I know that with TrustArc, my company will meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements. It is very simple and turn-key to set up.

Arlene G., G2 Review

    Putting customers first pays off

    If you’re concerned about the risk of losing customers to consent management challenges, turn that risk into an opportunity to keep current customers and win new ones, with TrustArc Consent & Preference Manager.

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