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Privacy & Data Governance

Modernize your operations

Protect your company and data with privacy-driven compliance software. Streamline data governance with deep automation that cuts your time to compliance — including automated data mapping, risk assessment, and automated workflows.

Automate up to 80% of your privacy compliance and data risk management

TrustArc Benchmarks Report

Maximize privacy program and auditing efficacy

Specialized data privacy management software instills the highest level of confidence in privacy practices according to our Privacy Index — surpassing GRC — and greatly exceeding internally developed and free privacy tools.

TrustArc’s Privacy & Data Governance Solutions


Use automation and privacy expertise to understand your compliance requirements, build and manage your privacy program — and stay ahead.

Data Inventory Hub & Risk Profile

Efficiently and accurately know where and why personal data is being collected in your organization, who is collecting it, what they’re doing with it — and the risks associated with that data collection.

Assessment Manager

Streamline and customize privacy assessments, including performing and automatically scoring PIAs, DPIAs, TIAs, Vendor Assessments, AI Risk Assessment, and more with automated workflow tracking.

Nymity Research

Stay informed in real time about your data privacy compliance requirements with expert-written and timely updates on privacy laws globally.

Recent G2 Software Awards

#1 Data Privacy Management vendor in G2

#1 Consent Management Platform – Americas

#1 Data privacy Management – Mid-Market Americas

Forrester TEI ROI of Privacy Report

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