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Consent & Consumer Rights

Maximize customer trust with transparency and choice

Be a trustworthy brand with privacy-first digital experiences by respecting consent preferences, gaining user opt-ins/opt-outs, and empowering customers with their privacy rights.

Follow legal requirements, honor user expectations

By 2024, 75% of the global population will have its personal data covered under privacy regulations.

Achieve global consent compliance and provide delightfully simple experiences for users to exercise their data privacy rights and consent preferences while reducing your risk, complexity, and costs.

  • Capture and manage

    Capture and manage real-time customer consent activity, opt-ins, and opt-outs across brands and channels

  • Scan and manage

    Scan and manage third party cookies and third party trackers for your auditing purposes and accuracy of privacy notices

  • Customize

    Customize a dynamic and compliant preference center for consumers and employees to exercise their data privacy rights and choose their preferences

  • Efficient workflow

    Fulfill data subject request workflows compliantly and efficiently

TrustArc’s Consent and Consumer Rights Solutions

Cookie Consent Manager

Easily meet the ever-changing global cookie compliance requirements with minimal effort and build your brand’s trust along the way.

Consent & Preference Manager

Build trust with a privacy-first, personalized consent experience across your entire marketing and vendor ecosystem with a centralized repository.

Individual Rights Manager

Streamline users’ privacy rights requests around their data with DSR automation, saving you time and reducing your risk.

Unified Trust Center

Effortlessly centralize, manage, and showcase all your vital trust and safety information in one easily customizable, no-coding-required hub.

Recent G2 Software Awards

#1 Data Privacy Management vendor in G2

#1 Consent Management Platform – Americas

#1 Data Subject Access Request – Americas

Forrester TEI ROI of Privacy Report

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study (TEI) finds a customer ROI of 126% with a total benefit of $2.08M when using the TrustArc Platform. TrustArc commissioned a Forrester study to analyze the potential benefits of using our platform and the Forrester team found ROI linked to efficiency, compliance and decreased cost in data breaches.

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