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Assurance & Certifications

DAA AMI Validation

TrustArc is the leading service provider of the DIgital Advertising Alliance certification. Complying with DAA AMI demonstrates industry guidelines and provides consumer tools designed for better privacy safeguards.

Participate in the DAA’s program

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  • Internationally recognized standard

    The DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance) is an independent non-profit organization led by leading advertising and marketing trade associations globally. The DAA was first launched in the United States and is both recognized and adapted by other markets, spanning 27 countries including Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom, European Union, Switzerland, India.

  • Trust with DAA’s YourAdChoices Program

    Addressable Media Identifier (AMI) providers are required to certify compliance with the framework. Utilizing AMIs, you’ll be able to ensure relevant advertising, optimized outcomes, and critical analytics functionality while safeguarding consumer data privacy. While also providing consumers with real-time disclosures on data use and prohibited data uses across desktop or mobile environments.

  • Ensure digital advertising streams across platforms

    Protect and align your advertising activities with industry standards and best practices. Be that desktop, mobile, connected TV, addressable audio, or smart devices – our team of experts are here to help efficiently guide your organization through the certification process and validate your compliance annually.

How validation works

Demonstrate privacy compliance, reduce risk, and build trust with an independent review powered by technology and delivered by privacy experts
  • Discovery and evaluation

    An experienced Global Privacy Solutions team member guides you through the assessment process, utilizing our proven methodology and powerful technology.

  • Remediation assistance

    Rely on a trusted expert to review your policies, procedures, and technology to review. A gap analysis, risk summary, and remediation recommendations are outlined to help you achieve compliance confidently in your self-certification.

  • Accessible audit trail

    Use TrustArc’s platform to access a complete audit trail, including assessment tasks and supporting documentation. Streamline inquiry responses and maintain audit compliance.

  • Digital Advertising Alliance Validation letter

    After completing the required changes to meet the standards, we authorize your use of the TRUSTe Validation Letter on your organization’s privacy notice or corporate website.

Protect your brand and drive revenue

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