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Forrester TEI ROI of Privacy Report

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by TrustArc

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study (TEI) finds a customer ROI of 126% with a total benefit of $2.08M when using the TrustArc Platform. TrustArc commissioned a Forrester study to analyze the potential benefits of using our platform and the Forrester team found ROI linked to efficiency, compliance and decreased cost in data breaches.

Key takeaways:
  • Total benefit of over $2M over three years

  • Reduction in time to comply with privacy laws by 75%

  • Reduction in privacy incidents by 80% representing a cost savings of $3M

Time to compliance: Down from eight to just three weeks

Before using TrustArc the customer’s processes were highly manual, inefficient and spreadsheet based. Now, with the automation of the TrustArc platform, time to compliance has been reduced by 75%.

“Using the suite of TrustArc tools is incredibly important to us to document and track compliance with our global privacy program.”

Chief compliance officer, industrial company

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