Consumer Data Privacy Resources & Solutions

Explore how TrustArc can help manage your personal privacy online. Check a company’s certification status, resolve a privacy dispute, learn about advertising preferences, and much more.


TrustArc works closely with a network of global regulatory agencies and privacy organizations to provide resources and services to help you manage your consumer privacy online.

What Does the TRUSTe Seal Mean?

TRUSTe helps businesses that collect or process consumer information under the Consumer Privacy Law to demonstrate responsible data collection and processing practices consistent with regulatory expectations and external standards for privacy accountability.

International Privacy Seal

If you have any concerns with the privacy practices of a business that displays a TRUSTe Privacy Seal, or lists TRUSTe as their dispute resolution provider, you can use our Dispute Resolution process for assistance resolving your claim.

Solutions Provided by TrustArc

Privacy Dispute

Resolve a Privacy Dispute

File a complaint using TRUSTe’s online Dispute Resolution form. You can report violations of posted privacy notices and specific privacy concerns that pertain to TRUSTe clients. We investigate all eligible complaints and mediate solutions between users and our clients.
Consumer Program Services

Find Privacy Program Participants and Services

Search the TRUSTe Directory to see which companies are participating in TRUSTe’s certification or verification programs, or TRUSTe’s Privacy Feedback and Dispute Resolution.
TRUSTe Program Standards

TRUSTe Privacy Program Standards

Review the TRUSTe privacy program standards for our certification and verification programs.
Trademark Violation

Report a Trademark Violation

To verify if a site is TRUSTe Certified, click on the TRUSTe Seal to ensure it links to an active TRUSTe Validation Page hosted on You can also search the Trusted Directory on this page to determine if the site is TRUSTe Certified.

If you locate a site displaying the TRUSTe Seal which does not link to an active TRUSTe Validation Page, or the site is not listed in our Trusted Directory, this is a potential trademark violation and should be reported to TRUSTe immediately. To report the site, please click the link below:

EU US Privacy Shield

EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and the UK Extension (formerly Privacy Shield)

The Department of Commerce (DOC) developed the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, the UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, and the Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework in consultation with the European Commission, the UK Government, the Swiss Federal Administration, industry, and other stakeholders to facilitate data transfers to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce.
EU US Privacy Shield

International Privacy Verification

The International Privacy Verification Standard & Seal is designed to help organization continue to demonstrate their commitment to privacy with a third-party verification that aligns with the established EU-US Data Privacy Framework Principles.