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International Data Transfers

Are you managing international data transfer risks?

International data transfers are vital to many businesses, yet recent privacy regulations and judgments have made it increasingly complex. Data transfer restrictions can have significant business impact, affecting business operations across national borders, partnerships, and supply chains.

Demonstrate compliance with different laws across the globe

Data transfers out of Europe require essentially equivalent protection to that provided under the GDPR — the new Data Privacy Framework (or DPF for short) is an approved method for transferring data from the EU to the US via certification with the framework principles in compliance with GDPR.

In response to the need for a global data transfer mechanism to cover much of the rest of the world, participating economies in the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system created the Global CBPR Forum, with the UK joining as an associate member, to expand CBPR certification as a mechanism for data transfer beyond the Asia Pacific region.

To meet the demands of international data transfer rules across the globe, it’s important to map your data, know your risk, and demonstrate your privacy compliance.

Data mapping manages risk

Data Inventory Hub automatically maps your data flows and identifies transfer risk against current international data transfers laws.

Assessments mitigate risk

Assessment Manager allows you to easily mitigate high risks with transfer impact assessments (TIAs).

Certifications reduce risk

TRUSTe Assurance and Certification Services enable you to demonstrate compliance with cross-border transfers through DPF verification, APEC CBPR & PRP Certification, and more.

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