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Do your regulatory research — better yet, let us do it

Every organization’s privacy compliance program is unique, shaped by the specifics of the privacy regulatory requirements and unique organizational business processes or vendors. Streamline your privacy and vendor assessment process with automated tools that are easily customized to your specific needs.

Staying up to date on specialized privacy knowledge

How can you possibly keep up with hundreds of global privacy laws, regulations, and standards — especially when new ones emerge and existing ones change so often? Without investing heavily in internal resources or relying on external help, it’s too big a job for one person or even one privacy team.

In-depth legal resources demand deep pockets

You need a data privacy resource that’s focused exclusively on the task of keeping track of the current state of privacy requirements. And while you could retain the services of legal counsel to do this, or even expand your in-house legal department to take it on, those options will be costly given the scope.

Power your teams with on-demand knowledge

Nymity Research from TrustArc maintains an extensive privacy and regulatory database that includes 25+ years of comprehensive expert guidance and analysis from dedicated legal and privacy experts.

We can reduce your privacy research time and shorten your time to privacy compliance, keeping your costs down and freeing you to be more proactive in your privacy compliance efforts.

  • Reduce legal counsel costs
  • Reduce your law research time so that you can proactively maintain compliance

Expert-curated regulatory insights and alerts


NymityAI – your premier privacy legal navigator

Get expert privacy and legal answers instantly – drastically reducing your research time.

Operational Templates have helped the privacy office save plenty of time and resources, especially because they provide support for all operations across the organizations.

– Large Financial Services Company, AVP & Director Global Privacy

Research & Alerts’ ability to know what has changed within the last 24 hours is extremely helpful for our privacy program.

– Chief Privacy Officer, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense company

Fantastic depth, diversity of content, detail and organization. For data-related compliance knowledge, I haven’t see anything that even comes close.

– Vice President and Global Head of Privacy, Mark Sward, Sterling

The daily emails provide an excellent source of information to track legal decisions, and pending legislation in a timely, consumable form.

– Financial Services Customer, G2 Review

    See Nymity Research for yourself

    Navigate the wildly dynamic privacy regulatory environment (100+ global laws) without fear. Get instant insights and in-depth expertise from a team with 400+ collective years of experience. Learn the law faster and with confidence.

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