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Certifications, Verifications, and Validations

Looking to demonstrate compliance?

TRUSTe’s internationally and industry recognized privacy certifications, verifications, and validations build trust with customers, board members, and partners

Enhanced credibility and governance

Demonstrating internationally and industry recognized privacy certifications and verifications builds trust with customers, board members, and partners – showing responsible management of personal data.

For cross-border data transfers, an Accountability Agent oversight and seal helps ensure data protections are adequately in place.

Reduce risk of self-certification and potential fines with an independent review powered by technology and delivered by industry experts.

The gold standard for compliance

Independent privacy certifications and verifications mitigate risk, provide an audit trail, and serve as a means of attestation.

A public seal is the gold standard for demonstrating privacy compliance and confirms your certification and signals the highest commitment to data privacy for your customers, trade partners, and board.

TRUSTe Privacy Certification and Assurance Services

Global recognition

For more than 25 years, the TRUSTe seal has been the most widely recognized seal of privacy compliance. TRUSTe is a certified Accountability Agent that uses software to streamline the process, assure your compliance, and save you time.


We use a framework-based approach built on global standards, so you can have confidence in your compliance across regions. TrustArc provides certification or validation for all key privacy standards, including CCPA/CPRA, APEC CBPR and PRP, GDPR, EDAA, and DPF.

Cross-border transfer mechanism

Ensure a legal compliance mechanism for transferring data between regions. The Data Privacy Framework and the coming Global CBPR Forum provide government-to-government adequacy decisions across major trade regions.

Nymity Research: Understand your obligations

Save time and costs with digestible legal summaries covering 244+ global jurisdictions, along with 800+ operational templates.

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