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Consumer Preference Management

Can you manage customers’ privacy preferences at scale?

Consumers demand more data privacy protection and transparency than ever – when you deliver, you set your brand apart.

Differentiate with brand trust

Consumer attitudes around privacy are evolving and driving decision-making and purchases more than ever. It’s important for businesses to evolve in order to meet customer preferences by decreasing reliance on third-party data and leaning into building first-party data sources. This means building out your marketing ecosystem to collect opt-outs and opt-in across all of your channels (email, mobile app, and other third-party systems), maintaining advertising compliance with targeted ads and profiling, and creating compliant HR data systems to acknowledge employee consent for HRIS and financial systems.

48% of consumers have changed providers due to data & privacy policies
70% of consumers question if companies take accountability for data misuse
89% of consumers show loyalty to brands they trust with their data

Protect customer privacy at every touchpoint

Brands who provide compliant, transparent, and positive consent experiences for online users have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Conversely, confusing or opaque preference management creates a bad user experience that can increase opt-outs and be a drag on your brand.

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  • Personalization

    Personalizing consent prompts, data privacy intake forms, and a universal trust center improves consumer experiences.

  • Visibility

    Data collection visibility and providing customers with control on data preferences shows transparency and builds brand trust.

  • Centralized preferences

    Automate preference management across your entire marketing ecosystem of third party vendors for efficiency.

  • Opt-ins and opt-outs

    Localization of compliant intake forms in accordance to regulations (e.g., CCPA, EU GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, ePrivacy, and more).

Streamline customer consents & preferences

TrustArc’s Consent and Preference Manager is a privacy-first preference center that enables real-time syncing of your users’ consent and first-party data across your marketing and vendor ecosystem with Rapid API.

Empower your consumers with a single location to view their consents and update their preferences for greater transparency.

Provide a tailored brand experience while easily tracking consent history against customer profiles, creating audit trails and reducing your effort to manage consumer preferences, improving consumer experience and increasing compliance.

Cookies, consent, and compliance

Be a trustworthy brand with privacy-first digital experiences by complying with laws around third-party consent. Find out more about TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager

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