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Gaming! It’s all fun and games, right? Not exactly. There are hidden dangers in online gaming that many individuals do not consider. When you are stuck at home for many weeks, chances are that you have downloaded one or more gaming apps on your phone, or purchased a game console either for yourself or your family. Games are also great sources of data collection from all corners of the world and all levels of society. What kinds of data are collected? How are they used? Is it all transparent? And of course – how do we tell children – and more importantly – protect children? 

In this episode of Serious Privacy, Paul and K discuss the dark side of gaming with two gaming and privacy professionals Leena Kuusniemi and Ben Siegel. We discuss the  worldwide multibillion dollar industry, the most downvoted post on Reddit, ads in gaming, mobile notice, fragmented regulations, and how to educate your kids about the dangers of gaming. Listen to this week’s episode on our website or stream the episode below.